We can create 3 resumes that produce maximum calls

The 3 most important resumes we create

1st—a superior "universal" resume.

For your main resume, it is scanning ready, reflects a distinctive image and is a powerful story.

2nd—a "quick-response" resume. 

This lets you write a personal note and send it out without a cover letter. It is great for getting past gatekeepers and reaching executives.

3rd—an "electronic" resume.

A unique resume for use over the internet.

We can also create closing resumes for when people want to know more.

The interview resume

At 2 to 3 pages in length, It can be very effective. These custom documents set you apart from others.

The executive biography

This is a commanding 3 to 5-page document.

The style projects a maximum image.

They are passed on to other executives.

Biographies are invaluable for negotiations.